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Stellar Sports is an iconic Australian brand and leading manufacturer of squash and racquetball equipment, including racquets, balls and a range of accessories, with a history dating back to 1973. 

Over the past fifty years Stellar Sports has supplied equipment to many of the world’s top players and coaches including the winner of eight British Open and four World Championships, Geoff Hunt. 


Geoffrey Brian ("Geoff") Hunt, MBE (born 11 March 1947, in Melbourne, Australia), is a former Australian squash player who is widely considered to be one of the greatest squash players in history

Hunt was known for having great determination.  After retiring as a player, Hunt served as the Head Squash Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport from 1985–2003, where he helped develop a new generation of Australian squash stars. More recently Geoff  spent several years as head coach to the Aspire programme in Qatar.


Stellar sponsors some fantastic players and coaches  globally including: 

  • John White HWR 1

  • ​Nele Gilis HWR 14

  • Joe Lee HWR 29

  • Danny Lee HWR 30

  • Kashif Shuja HWR 36

  • Joshua Larkin HWR 84

  • Doug Whittaker ( Canada )

  • Indie Flint English BU15 no 9 

  • Jason Mclaughlan 

  • Geoff Davenport 

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